Co-op managers attempt to "pass the buck" over store closure

More news on the Rainbow store closure in Fakenham in today's EDP. Read it HERE.

The Co-op is trying to blame North Norfolk District Council for the closure of the Rainbow store in town. They claim that the council has prevented re-development of the site.

Strange really because they have been granted permission to re-develop the store and they have never once contacted me as a local councillor to speak about further expansion or redevelopment.

For all my criticism of Tesco, at least they tried to contact me when they wanted to move in to the town. If Rainbow can't be bothered to even contact the local councillors or the council regarding their so called "planning problems", whose fault is it they are closing, the Council or the Co-Op ?

It will be interesting to see what response Norman Lamb gets from them.

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Anonymous said...

Co-op are not what they once were. They've allowed Rainbow to become tatty and now want to blame someone else. The old co-operative spirit is long gone.