Fakenham PCT Meeting - Update

Having got back from the meeting earlier, I can say I learnt something of the predicament they are in. it is clear if the government had not cut PCT funding last year in favour of transferring funds to PCT's in the north (Labour areas ?), they would not be in the position they are in now.

Interestingly, they (the PCT) are also suffering from debt they did not incur, but were instead lumbered with a share of costs towards the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital PFI (Labour's first flagship PFI).

Despite the fact that they said nothing had been decided, I still feel that they have made their minds up. The general feeling from the meeting from people in attendance was they if we lose any community hospitals, they will never re-open and the plans they have to reduce costs will result in more pressure on the voluntary sector and on carers who are often family members.


Gary Elsby stoke said...

Nick, you're incredible.

What do you mean by 'in the North'.

My guess is that the books balanced each year until 2005-2006 when they suddenly went haywire.

I gather you are having a new flagship NHS hospital in the area.
I like it how you write of this bad and poor predicament.

Tell me Nick, now that you have dumped the half dozen PCTs and have a new hospital, have more nurses, doctors, surgeons and consultants than ever before on more pay, what's it like to be negative?

You poor, poor folk in Norfolk.

You've never had it so good.


Steve Andrews said...

A series of factual inaccurracies.

Firstly, Norfolk is not getting a new hosptial. It was built years ago, and it was an expensive PFI.

Secondly, it has far less beds than the old N&N hospital had.

Thirdly, most of the new NHS money has gone towards doctors pay, we now have the best paid doctors in europe. They were hardly poor before hand.

Lastly, if Gary does not understand where the North is, he really is as ignorant as he sounds !

Gary Elsby said...

I'm only ignorant of the comment regarding the 'North'.

North Norfolk?

Or the Souther softie mamby pamby racist class based version meaning
North England/scotland.
Why the fuck should you have a privilege over me regarding health?

You are the twat here, not me.


Norfolk Blogger said...

Gary, it is true that your comments about "getting a new hospital" shop how little you know about this subject.

Steve is right also when you went on about better paid doctors. That is exactly where most of the new NHS money went, but it didn't go towards treating patients.

I would disagre with the use of the word "ignorant",. Perhaops Gary is simply mis-informed ?

Gary, I don't think I would claim to know more than you about Stoke on Trent, so wonder what makes you know more about Norfolk health provision ?

Gary Elsby stoke said...

You either have a new hospital or you don't.

Labour either gave you a new hospital or they didn't.

NHS staf have either had massive pay increases or they haven't.

There is either more money in your NHS provision, or there isn't.

Your waiting list have either increased or come down.

You have either better care now or worse.

Which is it?

Why do you require more than anyone else?

Norfolk is like Stoke, we got it wrong and so have you.

We only want our fair share and don't want you to have any of our share.

I've got it right and you're either misinformed or you have no sense of giving credit where it is due.

Tony and Gordon via Labour.

Liberalism did nothing for health care, ever. Conservatism gave better health to the rich.
Labour gave better health for all regardless of the ability to pay and at the point of need.


Norfolk Blogger said...

Silly comment about liberalism. Shows a shocking gap in your knowledge. Do you know who Beveridge was ?

Obviously not !

Anyway, I'll leave you to get the "last word" (it's like being back at school).

Tony, London. said...

Councillor Little of Norfolk, you are a thoroughly detestable and rather simplistic reprobate.
None of the questions put to you regarding the current state of the NHS or Norfolk's provision has been answered by you.
Is it any wonder that intellgent reasoning of you excessive demands on health should warrant such condemnation from the likes of gary?
Why not just answer the questions put and let's see how much the little liberal is indeed a liberal. Everyone knows that Beveridge was the paperboy for a Government in waiting, too busy running a wartime Government and planning a world fit for heroes.
Grow up little man from Norfolk and stop abusing non liberals.

Alastair. London said...

Hang on a minute there Nicholas. You suggest that you are not a 'self indulgent rambler' but then do the opposite.
Your claims of an imbalanced NHS regarding the Norfolk region is somewhat open to ridicule and demands satisfaction.
You have heard the Health Secretary say quite clearly that there is a clear case for increased funding into the poorer and more unhealthy Labour supporting areas,but appear to disagree with this viewpoint.

I tend to agree with the points made and ask you to verify the questions put to you as either right or wrong.
Very simple.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the big guns have come out to play Nicholas.
Rule number one, never offend those that believe that Health is the domain of the left and then answer it with no answers.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Three attacks, untraceable and all within a matter of minutes ? The work of a single person or a co-ordinated attack ?

Of course, referring to me as Councillor little showed a massive degree of ignorance (Councillor Little as a Tory in Norwich, not a Liberal on North Norfolk District Council), and accusing me of attacking all non-liberals as it was "gary elsby" who claimed only socialist have anything to offer.

A little bit of searching on the internet also highlighted that Beveridge's report was published in 1942 and went way beyond it's brief, indeed the original report was only supposed to put in place a milited and very basic level of welfare whereas the Beveridge report proposed a full welfare state. To claim that he was simply a bag carrier for the government in waiting is also completely wrong as it was published three years before the general election and it was even a curprise to Labour to win in 1945.

The report also had all party support (often not acknowledged by some).

Time for some people to grow up or if they are so worried, set up their own blogs ?

Gary Elsby stoke-on-trent said...

Now non now Nick, stop attacking your fellow bloggers. Opinions differ and so just accept it.

You keep making claims of Liberal ellegance and Labour mismanagement.

All I did was to prove your reasoning to be slightly flawed.Take your pick which is more accurate.

My reasoning is that your claim of Labour mishandling of Norfolk's NHS is incorrect and in fact, Labour has made it better than ever before. It's true Nick, I don't have to live there to believe Tony's claim.

Beveridge is a man to be admired, hepulled the long straw and got on with it. Churchill would never have put it into operation and Liberals wouldn't have been given the opportunity to do so either.
All facts, Nick. I know more than you think or give me credit for.
Read on and learn more:

As was always the case in the 20th Century, the liberals persecuted working people by creating a society that was unhealthy.

Again, as always, for the very few years of power in the Conservative dominated 20th Century, Labour was occassionaly asked to sort out the mess and bring on a life changing prospectus.

This they did. Health,women,power,education, you name it, Labour did it and will continue to do so again when asked.

Eat your heart out Nick, I find it so very simple to defend the right of quality care for our people and that I recieve an equality of opportunity in return.

You are a semi-Liberal with conservative leanings and may not understand, but I will look after you and the people of Norfolk.

I'm not Peter. Perish the thought of a demotion.

Norfolk Blogger said...

As I said Gary, we'll have to agree to disagree.

Tony, London said...

well said Gary.

Anonymous said...

Very true gary, so very true indeed.

Labour crony 1 said...

Well said Gary

Labour Crony 2 said...

Well said Gary (no I'm not the same person)_

Anonymous Crony said...

Yeah, well said who ever I was told to say well done to.

London Labour said...

Yeah, you rule Barry (and sorry you died in Eastenders, but well done for your role in Extras.

Dr.Doom said...

Beveridge was a bag carrier.
He was the paperboy for Labour ambition.
He was a 'gopher'.

Go for this go for that.

Gary has hit it head on Nicholas you dweeb.


Norfolk Blogger said...

And with that, people will now know why I have had to introduce comment moderation. New Labour - New prats !