Nothing of any interest to be said here guv

No, honestly, this has to be the most boring blog I have ever read.


Chas. said...

Really? Try Peter Black's. The Mr. Pooter of the blogosphere.

James said...

Four pics at the top.
1. A normal campaigning pic.
2. She's just been told a dirty joke.
3. Crouching with a dog turd.
4. Shopping.

Weird, weird, weird. And content-wise it's like an earnest 15-year-old's "what I did on my holidays" diary.

Sample sentence:
"After taking them to the Postwick hub to demonstrate the improvements we need to join the NDR with the A47, we went for a very interesting tour of the airport, where, from a minibus, we heard about managing director Elliott Summer's plans for the future and saw some of the planes and helicopters.

Mark Thompson said...

It's just basically a record of what she did on each day with a painful focus on not saying anything that could be construed as controversial in the slightest.

Anonymous said...

I think it is an excellent blog. She looks a winner to me.

Nich Starling said...

"Said Miss W from Norwich"

Like a quote from one of her leaflets, your comment says nothing.

If you really believed what you were sayingyou'd ahve the guts to put your name to your comment.

People can draw their own conclusions as to why you were anonymous.

Dan said...

It's like a travel journal albeit with one or two scary companions on the way. Why is she only finding out about these things now.....

Anonymous said...

Reads much like Jonathan Fryer's dull-fest to me, though with rather less name-dropping.