Norfolk Blogger on Radio 4

I was interviewed at teatime by Radio Four for their new iPM slot, a new podcast support to the PM show. The have entitled the piece "Ming Campbell - My part in his downfall", although that is massively overstating the case.

I do feel, and made clear a number of times to the interviewer, that bloggers are more of a litmus test for the party, and whilst we didn't fire the shots, we might be guilty sometimes of loading the weapon.

The printed press, of course, would like the Party and bloggers to take the rap for Ming's demise, but again, I made the point that we are not all "in the know", and tend to report and comment in our blogs on things that the press and media are reporting.

Anyway, I am sure I rambled on too much, but you can click HERE to go to the iPM website. I'd be interested to hear your views.

Update : I changed the headline from "Lib Dem Bloggers" to "Norfolk Blogger" when I realised I was the only person who had been interviewed.


Liz Hinds said...

Impressive. Today blogpower, tomorrow the world!

Why do people never sound like their photos?

Nich Starling said...

I played it to my wife who assured me that is what I really sound like.

I, like most people, think that recordings of my voice sound little like me.

jailhouselawyer said...

I think it was interesting and to put a voice to the picture, although it appeared to end rather abruptly.

I am somewhat confused by all the weaponary, "wielding the knife", "speared", "fired the weapon", "loading the ammunition but not pulling the trigger", "lighting the litmus paper".

In other media we have "did he jump or was he pushed?".

Ok, I get the message that Ming is dead. But was he stabbed by a knife, speared by a spear, shot by a gun, blown up by a bomb, or fell from a great height?

GP said...

I've just been listening to that very piece of audio. Ramble-free and very interesting!

Anonymous said...

You done good

Paul Walter said...

Nich. Have now listened to this. It sounds excellent. I thought your comments on the LibDem bloggery were very sound and measured. You made some particularly good points about Howard Dean and the potential (at the time) LD leadership candidates in respect to blogging/internet campaigning.

You'll now have to get on the back of a tractor (irony) and appear on 18DS of course!