A rather silly Mike Hancock on BBC Five Live

I've just heard Mike Hancock on Radio Five Live debating the Ming resignation with Shirley Williams and boy did he make himself sound silly.

He referred to people who opposed Ming as "A shower of cowards", made clear that "the electorate will never forgive us" and repeated ad nauseum that he "despaired", but worse was the way he treated Shirley Williams. He constantly interrupted her, didn't listen to the points she made and lacked an ability to listen in a respectful and thoughtful way.

I just hope the people of Portsmouth South were not listening as it was all rather embarrassing.


Daily Referendum said...

I wasn't listening Nich, but that's very interesting as I work in Portsmouth. I'm sure Flick won't mind.

Jonathan Calder said...

As I said the other day: "Someone throw a bucket of cold water over Mr Hancock, please."

Anonymous said...

You are quite correct - he made himself look (sound) pretty stupid. Did you hear Ashdown on the 08.10 slot on the Today programme? He was measured, thoughtful and positive, highlighting the integrity and honesty of Ming Campbell. Much better.

Who will you be supporting Nich? My money is on Nick Clegg - Cameron's Tories would hate it if he became leader.

Paul Walter said...

I didn't hear this particular interview but I heard several of the Hancster's interviews on TV and the radio. I think at one point he collected together all his aphorisms and adjectives into the priceless "shafted by a shower of shits" which certainly beats "She sells sea shells" as a elocution exerciser. Mark Oaten mentioned following one of his irascible TV outbursts that he was in Moscow and was perhaps feeling "grumpy" because of the cold there.