Grant Shapps MP - Out of his depth (part 2)

I highlighted a few days ago the number of amateurish mistakes that have littered the Tory campaign in Ealing Southall. This was even before the Tories leaked (illegally)the results of the postal ballot to The Telegraph, for which the Tories are now being investigated by the police.

But what really showed Grant Shapps up was his interview on BBC News 24 at about 1.45 am this morning.

When thew BBC asked him about coming third, firstly he said (words to the effect of);

"The tally and box counts are very difficult to get a clear picture from until the end of the night so we can't be sure of anything yet"

Then he said

"It looks as though our share of the vote is up"

Hang on, didn't you just say you couldn't get a clear picture until the end of the night ?

But the worst thing he said, and something the idiot BBC report failed to pick him up on on a number of occasions was his repeated assertion that

"The third placed party in by-elections always gets their vote squeezed"


"I cannot remember a by-election in the last ten years where the third party has not had its vote squeezed"

Had he bothered checking the result from Sedgefield he would, perhaps have realised that looking back just ten minutes NOT ten years would show him that the third party there was not squeezed, indeed, the third party jumped to second place.

Grant Shapps talks a lot. That's the most positive thing that can be said for him.


Anonymous said...

There are people in the party who will already be asking questions about David Cameron. He seems to think that style is more important than substance and in an odd twist Gordon Brown's substance is proving htis to be completely wrong.

In hindsight, I think many people will wish we had gone for David Davis who has a gravitas and an intellectual depth that Cameron lacks. He also has a grounding in the party over a number of years and would have taken activists forward with him.

There will not be a putch against Cameron, but if he cocks up an autumn election (which I agree there may be) than he will soon follow IDS out of the door.

Anonymous said...

The Tory Party is really stuck between a rock & a hard place.They cant move forward - cant move back. Just think what could happen if a genuine form of PR was introduce by Brown - two? three? 'Conservative' Parties.