Sadly I've been proved right on the coalition

I wrote last year that we wouldn't get AV. I was right.

I wrote last year that we would be the whipping boys, taking the pain for the Tories. I was right.

I don't like always being right.


JohnM said...

yes, you were right mate! I'm only just realising how we should have guarded our independence in a two party system. Party before country, me thinks - for the sake of the country!!!

Paul Walter said...

"I don't like always being right."

Well that's OK then, because you are not always right (like the rest of us) ;-)

Alan said...

I am afraid the party is now realising it cannot be both left-leaning in Labour areas and right-leaning in Tory ones.

Consistency is the price you have to pay for power, and that is the choice the party overwhelmingly made at its special conference last year.

To be fair Nich, you predicted that this would happen - preferring the purity of opposition. You were massively outvoted by the rest of the party, who probably didn't think this through as much as you.