Semi Retirement

I've simply got to much on my plate to blog. I started blogging a few months after stepping down as a councillor in 2007 as a way to keep my hand in politically. But since being elected in March of last year as a councillor on Broadland District Council, I simply do not have the time or inclination.

I certainly won't be deleting this blog, but updates will be very rare from now on.

Thanks for all the comments and interaction with so many people.


dazmando said...

I don't blame you, it can become very hard work keeping up a blog. As you know I have almost quit before, but I think it is best to leave the blog open for updates as you are because sometimes you won't beable to help yourself. So I look forward to your next blog as it's not the end

Bob Piper said...

It's starting to look like retirement now, which is a great pity in my view. There are very, very few Liberal Democrats prepared to blog honestly about their feelings at the moment and the loss of this blog leaves a big hole.

Johnny Norfolk said...

This blog has gone like the party. The result in North Norfolk shows that the Liberals are only fit for opposition.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You should look at the result in Taverham North !