Worst road repair ever ? - How Norfolk County Council fix the roads in Taverham

This road “repair” was done by Norfolk County Council outside the police station in my Taverham North Ward in Thorpe Marriott.

Rather than doing a proper repair, all the bits of broken road were simply put back in the whole like a jigsaw. The “repair” was broken again within days. Is this what we pay council tax for ? 

I wonder if they fought over who put the last piece of the jigsaw in place ?


English Pensioner said...

Probably a contractor.
A pot hole near my home has been repaired at least three times and has broken up again within a month. I expect the contractor gets paid each time, so there is no incentive to do the job correctly. I used to moan about council workers being idle, but one thing about idleness is that you don't like to do the same thing twice, so when you do do it, you do it properly the first time!

Mike said...

That's some skill! Surely this recycling should be applauded?

Nick said...

I agree with English Pensioner that it was probably a contractor, but, based on work done on our street (not Norfolk) I`d suggest that the actual work was done by casual labour employed cash in hand on a day-to-day basis.

In our case apparently the contractor had simply accepted the assurances of a group of itinerants he`d hired that they were familiar with particular pieces of equipment !

From my own observations, they were sent out unsupervised but accompanied by more capable but younger men who they dominated.

Needless to say, they worked for one day and the contractor never saw them again !

Ther result was an area of road with a interesting spongy texture.

Eventually a team of real road menders came and fixed it, which took around an hour, as distinct from the original team who were there for most of the day.

I suspect the new team took the approach indicated by English Pensioner, adopting a philosophy of "do it right, do it quick, go and get a coffee".

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Anonymous said...

another "councillor looks at hole in road" photo for the collection then..

Norfolk Blogger said...

But this is the first one I've put on my blog in 5 years because this is genuinely the worst road repair I have ever seen. Remember, taxpayers paid someone to do this work this badly.

Anonymous said...

Good old Lib Dem standard 'parish pump' politics. Obviously decided that the allowance for being a district councillor on Broadland DC is still just about worth it, despite your half hearted moaning about the Coalition. And why not? As a teacher you'll soon be privatised off just like your Tory/Lib Dem friends are doing in Suffolk. A bit like the contractors who probably used to work for Norfolk County Council who bodged the pothole!

Norfolk Blogger said...

Typical Labour. Ignore the issue, go for a blatant political rant.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Typical Labour. Ignore the issue, go for a blatant political rant.

Anonymous said...

Ok - it was a very bad nasty pot hole that people could easily trip and hurt themselves over. Well done Cllr Starling for being such an excellent local community activist and getting it fixed. You get a big Gold Lib Dem Star. Now, you can we talk about why you and your Tory pals are busy selling off our NHS, slashing the public sector, selling off our woods, getting rid of EMA's and trebling university fees or is that just "ignoring the issue"?

Norfolk Blogger said...

You really do need to learn to read.

Firstly, you don't give your name. Very brave.

Secondly, not taking the time to look through the archive of past stories to read what I say about those issues. Thus story is about the pothole, now learn to read old stories.

Perhaps you would like to start a blog and we can talk about Labour's removal of civil liberties, the illegal war, the Labour manifesto pledge to legislate to prevent tuition fees which they broke by legislating to introduce them. The coalition are poor, but the last Labour government made a mess and were far fron setting a shining example.

Have you seen the financial mess we are in ? Who created that ?

Now if you want to read my opinions on all these things there is a blog archive going back nearly five years.

You also had a party leader who holidayed at the home of dictators.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I am confused that you think councillors allowances and income is related to being in a political party. I am confused why you think it would be easier for me to get elected as a Lib Dem as opposed to being independent. I am confused why you are unable to look at old postings I have made to answer your questions. Then I see you are voting Green and realise you don't want answers at all, you just want to opt out of ever making a decision.

Lying said...

And you've now got a party 'leader' in bed with the Tories, while gleefully destroying the public services the poor children you teach in Mile Cross depend on, slashing their benefits, trust funds, EMA's, trebling university fees, SureStart Maternity grants, pulverizing local government (of which you represent as a councillor!) and probably retarding our economy so much that we slip back into recession; or at the very least a jobless recovery. That’s YOUR fault Nick – you are part of the party which is doing this. You chose to go out there and defend it. You are standing for public office as part of it. Your choice – so move on from the classic Lib Dem opportunism (like your handbook on ‘Winning Elections’ teaches you) and don’t blame Tony Blair or Gordon Brown.

But that's not really too surprising is it - your party voted against the minimum wage, the tax credits, and the budgets which saw the welfare state expand to help those in need. And what would Nick Clegg have done when the banks collapsed? It's easy to look back now and point, but I still think Gordon Brown was right to intervene and ensure the whole economy didn’t slide into utter depression.

In a few weeks the Unthank Centre in Norwich will shut down - hundreds of families and disadvantaged children will lose out. At the same time you guys are taking the axe to the nearby SureStart Centres. Some of these children may well end up in care because of the decisions of your ConDem government. But don’t worry Nick, as you get re-elected for another four years and claim your councillors allowances (a nice £14,988 for the four year term) I'm sure the good people of the city will remember the filled in pot hole in leafy Taverham – thanks a lot!