What a shambolic government response

The problems in Libya have been brewing for several weeks, so what has happened in the last few days should be no surprise, yet our government, has shown itself to be utterly useless in its response.

The UK government decided to hire a plane, that was broken, then their utter failure was compounded by the fact that a UK oil company beat the UK government in getting a flight out to Libya.

Meanwhile, whilst all this is happening we have a Prime Minister peddling arms dealers around the Middle East, and a Deputy Prime Minister (where are you Mr Clegg) who was on holiday ! Couldn't they see this coming ? We all could !

And if you read on the BBC website you can see stories from British nationals holed up in remote desert bases, many of which have airstrips, saying that they have contacted the UK government, their families have contacted the UK government, and nothing is being done.

Of course, perhaps we could have sent an aircraft carrier, if we had one with aircraft on it. Ooops, another government mistake !

Useless, utterly useless and shameful.


Manfarang said...

What! The insular,inward looking,provincial people of England could see it coming. I don't think half of them could find Libya on a map.
So what next? A revolution in Saudi Arabia?

loadofoldstodge said...

Nich, we are going to abandon the rebels of Benghazi and Tobruk just as we did those of Basra and Najaf in March 1991.

Gaddafi serves a purpose - his terror keeps Libya united and the oil flowing. The alternative is protracted violence, diruption to oil supplies and perhaps a democratically-elected Government in Libya that will be hostile to the West.

On top of all that, a destabilised Libya will lead to a wave of migration which we are already seeing. When Gaddafi's forces roll back into Benghazi and Tobruk, there will be a huge exodus of people either to Egypt or others will try and reach southern Europe.

I take no pleasure in this and hope I am wrong but I think that not only have Governments in Europe and elsewhere realised that Gaddafi cannot be easily toppled but also that keeping him in power solves a lot of potential problems.