Will Ed act or will he posture (again)

Ed Miliband has criticised unions for threatening to strike on the day of the Royal Wedding.

My question for Ed, since he's trying to woo Lib Dems (and if there is any leader who is as ill suited to wooing as Ed Miliband, I've yet to see them), perhaps he could tell us when he will break Labour Party links with those Unions, should they go ahead. Will he ask his MPs to leave the ASLEF group of MPs, should ASLEF go ahead with their strike, and will he fore go any money these unions would wish to throw the way of the Labour Party ?

After all, we would all like to know that Ed Miliband actually backs up his words with action.


Mike Beckett said...

Posture... rehearsed pantomime so Ed can look to be strong on the unions while public opinion matters, if he does get into number 10, then the unions would assert authority and Ed will reward them for any power they give him.

Bob Piper said...

So, it's not the fact that your party are engaged in dismantling the National Health Service and privatising it wholesale, nor the shocking attacks on people with disabilities in the name of deficit reduction, nor the tripling of tuition fees by those who pledged to vote for no such thing, nor Gove's plans to decimate local education authorities... but the fact that Ed Miliband won't break Labour's links with a free and independent trade union if their members take a democratic decision on industrial action which turns your stomach, eh Nich?

None of the above said...

Thanks for that Bob. I totally agree.

Trades Unions are too good for some of the mealy-mouthed "price of everything and value of nothing" merchants we have in government.

I'm ashamed to say I voted for the Lib Dems, allowing them to help promote these horrendous changes to the NHS. I should have stayed at home - at least that way you don't end up with a guilty conscience for electing people you can't stomach.

Norfolk Blogger said...

NOTA - You've been posting to this blog for 18 months saying how you "wouldn't vote for any of them", and sudenly you claim to have voted Lib Dem last year, after all you claim this allowed them to make the horrendous changes to the NHS, something that could only have happened if you voted in the last General Election.

It does rather devalue all your previous postings that "none of the above" is actually writing one thing, but does the opposite.you are no better than anyone else involve dor interested in politics.

Bob, I didn't criticise the unions, Miliband did that. The difference is that Ed like Union votes, union money, unions members to campaign for labour, but likes to claim that he is concerned by their actions.

Anonymous said...

Yawn, why would Ed want to start a civil war in the Labour party by going totally over the top on an issue that is a tory/Daily Mail propaganda piece.

But you keep yourself pre-occupied with non-issues while your leader breaks every pledge or promise he has ever made. You must be so very proud that your party is removing the small mobility allowance given to the so severely disabled that they need to live in care homes. A real grown-up, responsible decision!

But, nope, it isn't the disaster capitalism being inflicted on us by your party that is the burning issue. It is trade unions.

@Mike Beckett

What a moronic statement. Which party went into the last election with each MP personally pledged to do a union's bidding...

Norfolk Blogger said...

Anon - you really are an utter fool.

Could I suggest some literacy lessons ?

I am one of the few Lib Dems who has consistently criticised the Lib Dem for their role in the coalition. A short read of my blog would have shown you that, but sadly you are unable to read so launch a pointless attack attacking things I do not agree with anyway.

And who is criticising the unions ? You accuse me of doing so. Again, I make the point, I didn't criticise the unions, Ed Miliband did. Can you actually read before you launch in to another rant ?

Oh the bravery of the gutless anonymous comment.

Anonymous said...

Yawn, I've read your blog a few times before and know you aren't a coalitionist. However, I read your post and assumed it was the usual lib dem anti-union-Labour bile.

Are you saying you're actually in favour of trade unions? If so, why did you suggest Ed should break off all ties a union because they exercised their right to withdraw their labour?

Manfarang said...

We are in the middle of an economic crisis.If Labour were in power they would be making no cuts?
Flying Pigs!