The sad death of Margaret Davie

I was saddened to learn of the death of Margaret Davie, a former Broadland Councillor, school teacher, and fine Lib Dem councillor for Spixworth from 1993 to 2002.

Margaret taught at Hellesdeon High School for many years, and was a school governor of many local schools. She was elected in 1993 in a by-election in August 1993, an election which saw me take charge for the first time of designing leaflets for a campaign. Margaret won by about 160 votes, and was then re-elected the following year by over 400 votes (she asked me to be her agent, and it was certainly a proud moment for me to steer a campaign that won by such a big margin, but also a very easy campaign, because in less than 12 months Margaret had built up a massive following and showed just how good a councillor can be.

In 1998 Margaret was re-elected, but she stood down in 2002 to pursue other interests, with a particular fondness for raising money for animal charities at the top of her list of good deeds.

Margaret's funeral will be in four weeks time (yes, that's a shockingly long time to wait, but there is a shortage of trained pathologists in Norfolk !) She will be missed by many people.

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Dan Roper said...

Nich, I echo your sentiments entirely. Margaret was universally respected in Spixworth and continued as a member of the Parish Council well after standing down from Broadland. In my two Lib Dem campaigns I enjoyed canvassing her because although she was solidly with us she would always point out where she thought things were going wrong. A vert sad loss.