Don't let the next generation pay for our mistakes

Yes, that's a phrase used over and over again by coalition MPs to justify their deep and excessive cuts.

So why is it that the next generation are the ones being asked to pay for our mistakes ?

If we weren't making the next generation pay why is funding being cut to High Schools who are PE academies ? Why is funding for School Sports Co-Ordinators (SSCOs) being threatened ? Why is funding for studying at our of school study centres being cut back ? Why are news school building programmes being halted ?

We all accept that some cuts are necessary, but can we please stop all the rubbish about protecting education, and saving the next generation from suffering. Most schools I know about are having severe budget cuts, and the ones who are suffering are the children.

New government, same old bull.


Nicko said...

While we`re on the subject, perhaps we could also mention the issue of asbestos in schools and the proposed closure of Sure Start (services to parents of young children) and Connexions (careers guidance for youngsters) in some areas.

I was glad to see that Libdem Cllr Paul Elgood is actively opposing the closure of Sure Start centre, Connexions office and Bright Start Day Nursery in Brighton.

Perhaps I could take this opportunity to shamelessly plug the campaign against the closure of Gedling School in Nottingham. It doesn`t affect me personally, but I grew up in Gedling Borough (not far from Freddie Mercury`s sister, as it happens !) and feel a loyalty to the area.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Apart from anything decent or moral (not matters that usually concern governments of any complexion), hitting education is politically short-sighted. Even more than the NHS and the rubbish collection, it could be the nearest and daily contact many adults experience with the apparatus of State. [What did you do in school today? Where's your homework? Where did you get that bruise? Why are your clothes so filthy? &c. &c.]

Furthermore, all that oh-so-deplorable expenditure over the last decade has given both teachers and taught the unprecedented experience of decent working conditions.