The coalition is picking on the wrong targets for cuts

I was very lucky this week to have gone along to the Norwich City Football Club Study Support centre to see 10 children I teach get presented with awards for the extra work they had done over a series of weeks at the study support centre. This centre, attached to Norwich City Football Club, is linked with the football club, but is funded in the main by central government money, with the aim of targeting children who need extra support in an environment which is exciting, and providing them with real life tasks and practical activities.

The children I teach had been asked to design a new product for the club shop. They spent a lot of time in the club shop, asked employees what sort of things sold well, did some work on pricing, and came up with a range of ideas. They then designed a product, explained how it would be used, came up with a marketing campaign, and then pitched it in a Dragons Den style to the club shop manager and other staff.

The whole process was exciting for the children and very beneficial to their education.

So the big question is why on earth is their central government funding being taken away ?

Across the country hundreds of thousands of children have benefited from this extra support at various sports clubs, ranging from football and rugby clubs to indoor ski centres. Yet despite this extra curricular boost children are getting being supported, it is to lose its funding from next year.

Yet again, the short sighted and ridiculous cuts the coalition are pushing (far too quickly) are affecting schemes that do genuine good for very little money.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Lib Dems might be keeping their fingers crossed that you lose your council seat next year. You say the sorts of thing Libs are afraid to say.