Dubious Lib Dem blogs

Whilst looking through the Lib Dem blogs aggregator today, I came across THIS rather unusual blog.

I am totally confused how a blog that is run by someone who voted for and canvassed for Ed Miliband can qualify as a Lib Dem blogger.

I note in particular the comment on one story which said

"I will still remain, for now, with Labour until it seems clear that there is another party that is more firmly rooted in the labour movement. I see it as the continuing story of enfranchisement of the dispossessed. Will there ever be a time when I sign up wholeheartedly for the Liberal Democrats? Perhaps, time will tell."
I have my issues with the coalition, but remain an active party member, campaigning for the party and staying true to the manifesto the party fought on. Yet somehow this blog now qualifies as Lib Dem

Answers on a postcard please ...


Anonymous said...



People added to the aggregator are supposed to provide their membership number.....

Ryan said...

Maybe because they WERE a member when they were added to the site over two years ago. Since then the old blog had been deleted, a new one set up and a forwarding has been put in place which was picked up by my software which allows bloggers who have lapsed to reappear without having to chase me.
Nich if you believe that a member shouldn't be appearing on LibDemBlogs I suggest you email me. That way we can get them investigated quickly.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks Ryan.

Anonymous said...

well Respect and swp blogs are added into Labours