The wrong time for Norfolk Tories to be cutting funding to the careers service

In good economic times I am sure there are many who just walk in to jobs straight from school or university who never have to seek advice from anyone before joining the working population. In hard times, many people, but especially school leavers need to know they are getting the right advice. That is why it is beyond comprehsnion that Norfolk County Council Tories are to half the Connexions career service in a mass cull of jobs.

The EDP has more about the Tory cuts HERE.

We know the County has to make cuts, but why not start with cutting perks to councillors, perhaps halving the entertainment budget for the leader  Chairman of the council (which the Tories raised by tens of thousands a few years ago). It seems illogical to hamper the future of Norfolk school children finding the right courses and jobs in order to save money. This is short term in its savings as it will have a long term effect on the county. But its typical of the Tories to think about the short term, not the big picture.


Anonymous said...

dont understand

The Coalition states it does not want national pay bargaing it wants regional

Then axes the Agricultural wages board (AWB) which sets regional pay

Because (can you believe this) they can be covered by the minimum wage

So Coalition will be driving down wages in rural areas where workers already earn £5,000 a year less than urban workers

How is this fair

Stop rural poverty

Daniel said...

lol "perhaps halving the entertainment budget for the leader of the council"....what entertainment budget? I've never found it.

Phil said...

And the Libdems running Sheffield City Council in Clegg's backyard have exactly the same idea...