Stop the "Government by Press Release" culture

I was sick of the contempt Labour showed for parliament. They did nothing to reform it in any meaningful way in 13 years, hired hordes of spin doctors to speak in behalf of ministers and "brief" the press, and in general, treated parliament with disdain. So I had hoped things would change under the coalition. Sadly, I have seen no evidence of this.

Every day we hear the headlines "Ministers are expected to announce in parliament today that ...", with in recent days news of election referendums, withdrawals of troops from parts of Afghanistan and and ending of the school building programme all being announced in the morning, usurping the role of parliament and treating the institution with disdain.

What is wrong with a minister going to parliament without having briefed the press first about what they intend to announce ?

I had hoped for much better.


Mark @ Israel said...

We all hope for the better. But it seems that it's just the same. Maybe, the coalition government needs more time to prove themselves. As for me, I would still be patient in giving them a chance before I really and definitely complain.

James Higham said...

We have major problems facing us,of which this is but one.