Shameful FIFA

Whilst the World Cup in South Africa has in many ways been a success, it has again highlighted that World Football is run by a bunch of self satisfied cronies who care little about the game, and more about money.

Firstly, because of an exclusive agreement, a finanical agreement with Adidas, FIFA agreed to use the new Jabulani ball, which has been widely seen as making the matches worse and preventing some of usual long range goals that light up so many games. It is interesting to note that even the ex Liverpool player Craig Johnson, inventor of the Predator football boot (which was developed with Adidas) has described it as the worst ball ever).

To compound the problems with the ball, FIFA allowed this special ball to be used by the German FA, in the Budesliga, for the last six months, thus giving the Germans a massive advantage over other teams. If FIFA are to introduce comedy balls in to matches, it does seem the be a basic principles of fairness that one team should not be given an advantage. I know the Bundesliga also has a deal with Adidas, but FIFA should have made sure that they had exclusivity over the new ball. Of course, the head of FIFA, Sepp Blatter is German speasing, so we can draw our own conslusions for the German advantage.

They there is the issue of goal line technology. Trials a couple of years ago proved that goalline technology works, it gives referees an instant "yes/no" answer as to whether the ball has crossed the line, and it can be provided at no cost (with the makers seeing it as good marketing). But FIFA, still said no. They claim that football has a "universality" and that is must be the same, whereever it is played in the world. This is, of course, ridiculous.

On a Sunday morning in parks across the UK, matches take place with substitutes running the line as linesman, and in many cases, managers acting as referees. Football pitches are not all the same size and some have potholes. In short, football in different countries and football played at different levels is always very different. There is no universality in football. It is ridiculous for FIFA to stand opposed to to gaolline technology for so long, only to change their minds when confronted with a blatant goal that makes the game look like a throwback to previous decades. Every major sport makes use of technology. Tennis has "hawkeye" on certian courts, but not on others, and this causes no problems. Yet football, and Mr Blatter, make themselves look foolish and out of touch. Well done FIFA.

Then there is the issue of of "infrastructure", FIFA like to mona about the cancellation of flights to South Africa leading to passengers missing matches, but did nothing to stipluate top the South African authorities that scheduled flights hsould have precedence over the celebrities flying to the matches in their private jets. the problem is that FIFA are the ones who want to see the celebs at the matches. how were these celebrities able to get last minute tickets if it was not without FIFA's help ?

Now, to top things off, we read that FIFA are presuurising Nelson Mandela to attend the final tonight. The 92 year old is said to be unwell and very frail, and still  mouring the recent death of his granddaughter, yet FIFA again seem to care not one jot. After all, a photo call between Mr Blatter and Nelson Mandela will look good on Mr Blatter's mantelpiece ?

Shame on FIFA.


Anonymous said...

Blatter's Swiss.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Indeed. Have ammended the text.

Anonymous said...

I've been using the ball for a fair while with my team in training. It shouldn't really 'help' in the way you intimate as every player at the world cup (even Van Bommel) should have enough technique to be able to control it as it arrives.

The annoying thing about the ball is that you can strike it towards the corner and it will quickly deviate, usually erratically, and end up fading from the target making the player look slightly incompetent.

Forlan's free kick is a case in point - he aimed it over the wall into the left hand side and it initially looked to be heading there. Then, by no intention of Forlan, it began to move to the right and fade as fair deal stranding the keeper and making him look a bit of a mug.

It introduces an element of unpredictability that seems to act against skill. It also rises very easily too - witness the inordinate amount of shots and free kicks that have gone of the top of the screen rather than the end of the screen! I can't explain the number of poor crosses though - maybe the players are trying to strike it a bit too hard, I'd can't think it's down to bad technique.

The trouble with 'technology' is when to apply it, and at what point do you stop the game. Goal-line technology could certainly work though and it appears that its time has come.

Overall, it has certainly been the worst world cup football-wise that I've seen and the amount of diving and kidology has been awful.

Nelson should stay at home and watch a real dutch master: youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YU-k-Ots3iY

puts Robben in context?

Norfolk Blogger said...

You don't stop the game unless you are told it as a goal. Simple.

Systems exist that allow the game to continue unless a loght come on on the refs wrist which says "goal"

Anonymous said...

Yes. But that's solely for if a ball crosses the line.

I was refering to other incidents sych as off-sides and fouls etc.

a poor final suitably capped it all off; a physical team against a team prone to acting up, with very little quality on display. Fittingly, a man who lashed out off the ball and then took a dive when through on goal scored the winner.

Modern football. Dontcha just love it.

dazmando said...

I agree with you. Although Im not sure who is worse FIFA or the FA http://bracknellblog.blogspot.com/2010/06/fundamental-change-required-for-english.html

Anonymous said...

not as shocked as I am as a nurse working in the NHS to find out today that the Liberals have allowed GPs (average pay £100k) lose on the NHS

God save us

just bigger cars and bigger pay for them

for us more privatisation

It wont be the governmment making cuts/rationing
it will be your local GP

Massive admin involved
with limited clinical outcomes

political dogma of the worst kind

Really Mr Burstow -

Norfolk Blogger said...

Isn't it odd that after four years of blogging I should suddenly start getting late night anonymous "off topic" comments with a distinct anti lib dem bias, all formatted in a similar way.

Of course, if I were sharing this point I might point out that labour were the ones who turned doctors in to the mega earners they are today. But as someone who is ko fan of the coalition, I really can't be bothered.

Anonymous said...

no not Labour just concerned nurse

and truely shocked that Lib Dems went along with this

and yes you should stay and fight