More reasons to be proud of the coalition ?

The Observer lists today a number of things that we are implementing, as part of the coalition, that I cannot see anyone taking pride or pleasure in, unless you are a right wing Tory.

It's worth a read HERE.


Quiet_Man said...

Not a case of pride, simply a case of undoing the 13 years of Labour misrule.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Why on earth would rmoving tobacco advertising be of any benefit to anyone other than cigarette companies ? Did you actually read the article ?

Why on earth is attacking Jamie Oliver for encouraging healthier school meals be "undoing 13 years of Labour misrule" ?

Why would scrapping the Food Standards Agency benefit anyone ?

As the article states, whatever next, Scrapping the seatbelt or drink-driving laws?

Quiet_Man said...

It's all about getting the government out of peoples lives. If I choose to smoke, that's my business, not the governments, if I want to eat everyday at McDonalds, that's my business, not the governments. Jamie Oliver should mind his own business as should the government so long as I'm harming no-one but myself, then the government should butt out of my life.
13 years of intrusive do this, do that government snooping into my business and others, banning things, checking on what I put in my bins, watching me on camera, telling me I can't do a perfectly legal activity indoors. And you want to keep these petty little intrusions?

Anonymous said...

School meal uptake is lower today than when Jamie got involved. Fact. His scare stories about school food made worried parents put kids on (fatty, salty) packed lunches and the new lunches are healthier but so unappealing and pricy that kids go down the (fatty, salty) chippy. Result? I think not.

And does anybody REALLY think kids start smoking because they see cigarettes behind a shop counter? Really? But sure as eggs they'll find it easier to buy cigarettes from the white van men who any hit made on the decent corner shop only encourages.

Really, NB, please stop thinking in cliches and believing everything a pressure group tells you.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Obviously all the companies that advertise in the world are wrong then.

Anonymous said...

And what about all NHS nurses being forced to give up NHS employment by 2013 (NHS White paper)

most nurses I know want to work for the NHS not a private comapny or third sector company

Anonymous said...

NB, what has having a product on a shelf got to do with advertising?

Johnny Norfolk said...

Not been here for a while. You are still not happy are you Nich. Have you set up your own party yet. ?