Labour conspiracy ?

I looked at the Liberal Conspiracy website/blog today. How do you report a blog for misrepresenting itself ?

Articles by Chukka Ummana (Labour MP), Ed Balls (Labour MP), Jon Cruddas (Labour MP), Diane Abbot (Labour MP) and numerous other articles about Labour. Where is the Liberal content ?

I would link to the site, but I wouldn't want to give it any credit.


Anonymous said...

I thought you hated the Lib Dems now anyway, for joining the Tories? So why does it matter if LibCon has no Liberal stuff? After all, now that you're done with the LDs, and you hate the Tories, all that's left is Labour.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh do get over yourself. Some of us remain liberals.

What about my point ? Isn't the conspiracy behind Liberal Conspiracy that it is not liberal at all ?

Anonymous said...

It's Liberal Conspiracy. We've been through this one with Sunny before, and he remains unrepentant about the blog's name despite its clear Labour bias.

Breaking news - Tory Bear is not a bear and Cranmer is not an Archbishop either.

Anonymous said...

see the latest polls, you (I) told them this would happen

Tories up Labour up
Lib Dems down (again)

Munguin said...

I might not call it a conspiracy but Liberal bloggers (note the capital L) certainly seem to employ a raft of shall we say gamesmanship. You all seem to blog on the same stories at the same time. I’m not sure if you think that, that will drive your message home rather than bore people to death. Zac Goldsmith was a good example where you all had the same link to the same video. Really it comes over as sour grapes when you all do it. I’m convinced that party central is sending that stuff out and you are all falling into line like good party apparatchiks.

There also seems to be a rash of not answering comments and in some cases not even putting them up or waiting for ages till several new posts have gone up and the story is cold and then putting them up. What is the point of that? Are Liberals just unable to answer their critics? I hasten to add not you personally. I did reply top you comment several days ago on Stephen’s Linlithgow Journal, but he did not see fit to put it up. I’m sorry I can’t remember what it was now and anyway the story is dead. But it serves to illustrate my point.

Norfolk Blogger said...

As you are no doubt aware, I printed nothin about Zak Goldsmith, so your comments are irrelevent. I can also confirm I haev never recieved anything from the Lib Dems trying to persuade me to write on a given issue.

Finally, I do not have comments moderation on current live stories. You posted to an old story (comments moderation comes in to effect after a week) so that comment (sent only yesterday) has now been cleared and published. So your claim that I hold back comments until new stories have been published seems at odds with the facts.