Second Lib Dem leaflet in Broadland

Second Lib Dem leaflet in Broadland (well third in mine, but that's because my ward got an extra one !)


Johnny Norfolk said...

Who knows the local issues, it must be Keith Simpson. He has been a great MP in Breckland, and Broadland is lucky to have him.

Anonymous said...

Keith Simpson is never EVER about and is generally annoyed that he has to campaign to be an MP. Breckland has had a bad run of MP's with the God Awful Chris Fraser (being replaced by the Drone Liz Truss) and Keith Simpson who does absolutely nothing

(Former Breckland resident)

Anonymous said...

I haven't got this leaflet yet but again its negative, negative, negative (with a bit of positive). Talk about policies please - this goes for all of you, including Mr Simpson

Anonymous said...


Is Dan Roper the same person who stood for the Labour party for the Drayton/Horsford ward in 2005 County Council elections.

If so are we being asked to vote for a closet labourite

Mark said...

I am curious about The Conservatives Poster boards with the face of Keith Simpson the prospective MP for the new Broadland constituency.

When was this picture taken? Which decade? It clearly isnt a recent picture on his literature and boards or has Keith aged at least a decade in the last few weeks.

The Keith Simpson that the Conservatives are presenting to us, certainly isn't the same man in reality... They are not even honest about the face of the man that they want us to vote for.