Desperate Dale grasping at straws

If  THIS is ths sort of lame attack the Tories are getting their bloggers to attack Nick Clegg about. it really is desperation time for the Tories.


Keith Elliott said...

It's pretty laughable...but then that is to be expected from Mr Dale, these days.

Jonathan said...

Desperate Dale: Didn't he used to be in the Dandy?

Michael Heaver said...

Have you seen this though, Nich? http://order-order.com/2008/04/15/clegg-fcs-days-denials-and-delays/

Silent Hunter said...

I see that Iain's not getting very much support on his blog.

Not one of his best postings. LOL

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Same thing at ConHome:
* High Noon: St Nick’s halo has to go
* Nick Clegg airbrushed lobbying job from his CV
* Andrew Neil questions Nick Clegg about his expense claims
* Three ways to burst the Nick Clegg bubble

When the going gets tough, the ordure starts flying.

Senior said...

I wasn't even 1 at the time of the 1987 general election, so I don't care how Nick Clegg voted then. His vote hasn't had any noticeable impact on my life since 1987. I didn't even know who he was until he became the leader of the Liberal Democrats.

I don't think people will be talking about how I voted in the 2010 election in 2033.

Anonymous said...

Alot of Tory bloggers all have a little bit of Writers Block with the Polls the way they are, not to mention some desperation from Tory HQ, rubbishing Clegg and pulling their Party Election Broadcast. . .
Most the stuff is pretty thin at the present