Same old Tories ... they always look after their own

It is being reported that one of David Cameron's key advisors is heavily involved in a company that is set to gain from proposed cuts the Tories are pledging to make.

Never let it be said that the Tories don't take care of their own.

But hey, don't expect the NHS under the Tories to look after you.


williamsjk said...

Judging by the way a friend of mine was treated in A&E last weekend we can amend your final statement to 'Don't expect the NHS to look after you' when injured.

Alan said...


I am confused - following the link, I read the following paragraph:

"Gershon is a recognised expert in improving government efficiency and there is no suggestion that his report to the Tories was influenced by the fact that his firm stood to benefit from spending cuts. Labour also supports the use of private firms in the NHS to extend choice."

This is getting really annoying - all three parties are being sensationalist and bending the truth to be whip up unjustified fears. Labour are the worst, but you guys are coming up a storming second in my view.

This is looking like the first election for a while where the Tories are being more positive than
the LibDems....

...which is a shame - the LibDems appeal has previously been about balance and fairness and not falling into the same old yah-boo politics.

No longer, it seems. I may have to adjust my vote accordingly