The less than great ignored slogan - Cameron drops his campaign slogan

Andrew Neil on This Week on the BBC tonight (this morning) reports that the Tories have dropped the Cameron slogan "The great ignored", presumably after focus groups ahve shown the slogan was not working with the electorate.

What a way to start your campaign with a slogan you drop after one day !


Quiet_Man said...

Was definitely better than the Lib Dem 'Change That Works For You. Building A Fairer Britain'

Jeez ripping off both Labour and Tories who in turn had ripped off that con artist Obama.

Still the Great Ignored seem to be deliberately ignoring politicians too.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

"The Great Ignored".

Everyone else is saying the phrase was dropped because it echoed Tricky Dicky Nixon's "silent majority". That would be an unfortunate connection in itself.

When I heard the phrase I instantly made the connection to "the Great Unwashed". That's borrowed from an 1830 Bulwer-Lytton novel (the same one that gave us "It was a dark and stormy night ..."). My take might be a generational thing, learned from a Norfolk mother who was capable of cutting irony. Whatever, it certainly seemed a very dodgy expression to put into the silver-spooned mouth of "Dave", the child of privilege.

Clearly, either way, there is a PR bod in Tory HQ with a tin ear, incapable of detecting innuendo. Long may he/she stay in post, producing such verbal gems.