Nick Clegg wins the first debate

An ITV poll of 4000 voters has Nick Clegg as the clear winner of the first debate.

All I can say is well done Nick. He was great, confident, relaxed and had the best body language throughout.

The figures are

Sun/YouGov poll result - Clegg on 51%, Cameron 29%, Brown 19%

ITV poll - Clegg 43%, Cameron 26%, Brown 20%
I am so pleased.


Starls said...

I agree. He was relaxed, knew his facts - made himself distinct and resisted the temptation to 'buddy up' with anyone who agreed with him.

Body language was great - he listened to the other two, hand in pocket was nice and casual - looked into camera and remembered questioner names.

Well done Nick

Norfolk Blogger said...

you have said word for word what I was saying. A good night for liberal minded people.

James Higham said...

Hung parliament here we come.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Marks out of 10

Lib/Dem 8

Conservative 6

Labour 5

Clegg had nothing to loose.

Cammeron was too wet.

Brown was the bully boy, all me and I, never we.

Anonymous said...

Look at the game you are making it

It's a joke

"He had the best body language!"


Norfolk Blogger said...

I note Sky News commented on this also plus a body language expert on the BBC.

Like it or not, Nick won on the arguments, his style and the way he conducted himself.

You sound very upset. Yes, Cameron was poor and it must hurt.

Anonymous said...

wtf do body language experts have to do with anything remotely important?

Starls said...

50 years of US Presidential debates has shown us that, like it or not, body language is important - mopping your brow, checking your watch whatever it may be. You may not think it's important, but subconsciously you'll notice it and make some kind of judgement based upon it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've 'subconciously' decided not to vote for any of them.

We're fucked.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Then whatever happened was not going to alter your opinion anyway.

Still, don't moan after the election. If you cannot be bothered to vote, why bother to moan ?

Anonymous said...

because I don't want you and your failed policies, which are the same as the other two party's policies in essence. The Tories, Labour, Lib Dems would ALL have taken us into the economic chaos we are now in. Even Saint Vince cocked that one up despite several people forcasting it. Fuck, I actually put off buying a house till it all went wrong cos even I saw it coming!. You're all going to do basically fuck all about climate change. You're all not going to 'CUT' anything, despite the humoungous deficit we have and you're all trying to pretend we'll actually be better off. There IS no fundamental difference between the main parties.

I'm in a safe Lib Dem seat, the other option being a Tory. Great. So I didn't have a say from the get-go anyway.