Cameron's spin on the debates highlights how utterly vaccuous he is

David Cameron has tried to downplay the value of the three leaders debates by claiming without audience reaction and interaction they may be meaningless and sterile.

Of course, as the Lib Dem's have pointed out on the radio this morning, it was Cameron's team and the Tories who insisted on this sterile environment for the debates.

Isn't it just typical of how vaccuous Cameron is ? If he really wanted the debates to have more meaning, why were his team so keen to lock them down to be so restricted ? 


Anonymous said...

Actully, it's the opposite of vacuous. I saw the clip where he makes the remarks. He says that "having practiced and rehearsed "(etc) for the debates, he is now concerned etc etc. He did not try to blame anyone, or indeed walk away from the format he was part of setting originally. He is openly, on reflection and having done some rehearsals, now a bit concerned. What is vacuous about that? Seems to me rather thoughtful really. Saying they may all have got it wrong. But, don't let me interrupt your insults.

Alan said...

I wasn't involved in the negotiations, so I don't know who asked for it, but I think it's much more likely that it was Labour who asked for this (the TV guys would want it, and I think, so would Cameron & Clegg).

I am not surprised the LDs are trying to bash Cameron on this - ever since the campaign has started, they have abandoned their equidistance (if it was ever really real) and sided with Labour in being anti-Tory. Nothing wrong with that, but it does make a(nother) Lib-Lab pact much more likely.

English Pensioner said...

Oh how I agree with the above comments - and seeing how close the LibDems are getting to Labour (the most disgusting, disgraceful, dishonest lot of corrupt politicians we have had in my lifetime) doesn't make them look good.

I was considering voting for them as a protest, but I think I'll stick with the Tories after all - this kind of abuse should be directed at the Labour Party, who have been in a position to do something about our problems, NOT at the Tories who have been in opposition.

Own goals LibDems - and it's a disgrace.

Norfolk Blogger said...

The fact is that the above comments are not true. It has been more widely reported that the Tories were the ones who wanted the debates to be sterile. Mt Guess is you were never going to vote Lib dem and you have written that in order to make people believe its a vote lost.

Alan said...

Nich, its true that the Tories have most to lose being front runners, but I don't buy the argument that Cameron would want a sterile debate. He & Clegg are the lively (and popular) performers, being young and quick thinking.

however, I think Labours spin machine is still the most effective, so I am not surprised that many journos are reporting something different.

Personally, I think abandoning the equidistance is a good thing - it gives the LDs a real chance to overtake Labour and become the main centre-left party.

Johnny Norfolk said...
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