More evidence of a Tory VAT increase

Even top people in the pro Tory Tax Payers Alliance (TPA) are of the opinion that a VAT rise under the Tories is inevitable.

Read more about it HERE on the ever exellent Liberal Burblings Blog.

Looks like the Tories will trample the recovery under foot with their VAT Tax Bombshell.

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Andrew Allison said...

Nich: You refer to the TPA as pro-Tory. It is not. I am the Hull & East Riding Coordinator for the TPA, and if you ask Tories in this area if they would prefer me to go away, they would tell you yes. I give them a very hard time with all the waste in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The TPA campaigns for lower taxes, better government, and against waste. We attack Tory councils around the country and many influential thinkers across the political spectrum think we are the one campaign group and think tank that would give a Cameron government the hardest time.