Hustings and Campaigning News - Let me know what's happening in your street

Everyone knows I am a Lib Dem, but in the Norwich North by-election last year this blog became the main local source of on the ground election news, with this blog predicting long before election day that the national news obsession with the Green's was massively overstated.

I also made a point of publishing leaflets that I received and giving minor parties a chance to make their case to the electorate.

So with the general election now properly underway, I want your stories, be you a candidate, an activist or a voter who has been called on by a politician or has a bit of political news or gossip.

Now I will not publish salacious rubbish or unsubstantiated rumour, but I do want your local political stories from Norfolk and beyond. So if you have anything you think might be of interest, not matter what party you support, e-mail me at nichstarling@gmail.com or twitter @norfolkblogger .

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