Lib Dems second in new opinion poll

The figures are all here.

Lib Dems 30%, Tories 33% and Labour 28%.


Johnny Norfolk said...

You will be able to reform your coalition with Labour, just what you have always wanted.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You have sent almost exactly the same comment to four seperate postings.

I am allfor fair comment, but your written graffiti is not welcome. I am, therefore, comment moderating you from now on.

Now if you have a proper point to make, addressing the points ??? Thought not.

Anonymous said...

Nich, The poll is great news. This whole week has been great for the Party. Clegg has obviously got to keep the momentum going. I'm sure he is winning over a lot of floating voters who see The Lib Dems as the lesser of the other two evils.

But looking at Cameron out on the road, why is he mostly performing to yes men party workers. It's all looking a bit over orchestrated.

On the news the other night I couldn't understand why he was getting such big cheers from the public. Then it hit me. They were all (dressed the same) Party workers. What a CONservative con!

John.. North London.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Ok so will you rule out supporting Labour to stay in government. You need to be clear on what you will do. We need to know or will it be a fudge again.

Ps I have not posted the same thing 4 times