Lib Dems move in to first place in new poll

YouGov daily poll - Sun Apr 18

LIB DEMS 33% (29%) + 4%

CONSERVATIVES 32% (33%) -1%

LABOUR 26% (30%) -4%

The interesting thing is what happens now to Labour. Lots of people I know vote Labour only because it is the main way to stop the Tories where they live. With Labour now in freefall and looking defeated, what happens in the next week to the Labour vote could define politics for the next 20 years. Labour could (I stress could) fall away to 22/23% and the Lib Dems climb even higher or the Lib Dem vote could tail back to the high 20s (which would still be an amazing acheivement).

The interesting thing is the level of incredulity from Tory and Labour people on http://www.politicalbetting.com/ questioning the polling figures. I have never known the level of support we have been getting when campaigning anywhere outside of North Norfolk. In North Norfolk we used to work bloody hard for our vote (five or sic leaflets a year, even when there were no elections) and when elections came, canvassing was a joy. But today, just delivering in one of the Tories safest wards in Broadland, the response from people in their gardens, washing cars, etc, was just astonishing.

It might be a blip, but it's a pleasant one and something that Lib Dems have waited a long time for.

As I read on twitter earlier, Osborne (presumably George) told Rory Bremner his impression of Cameron needed more work. Apparently Rory Bremner said he was working on Clegg now, not Cameron !

Don't know if it's true, but its amusing.


Johnny Norfolk said...

I would not get carried away if I were you. I do hope labour does fade away but history tells us anything could still happen. If Labour thinks you are a real threat as opposed to just pulling you in to help form a Labour government. Then the Labour spin machine will try to undermine your party.I do think you should make it clear who you will work with.I suspect most Lib/Dems are closer to labour than Tory.Remember you fell for Blairs promise of PR, but when he won with your help he rewarded you by kicking it into the long grass. Brown is trying to do the same again, and i bet you fall for it again.

Michele@Trischel said...

Let me tell you - that if we get another five years of Labour because of the LibDems I will never, Never, NEVER forgive you.

It's time for you to start on the Labour party and highlight their apalling record, and stop this vicious campaign on a party that hasn't been in government for 13 years.

Otherwise it just looks like you are willing to inflict Brown and his henchmen on an innocent electorate just because you want to hang onto their coat tails.

Some time the cost of your grab for power are too much for others to bear. So what is it to be Nich; you can't become the government - so is to be Labour or Tory - because if it is Labour have I mentioned I will never, ever, ever, ever forgive you?

Johnny Norfolk said...


That is what will happen.
The history of the Lib/Dems is to support Labour why will it be any different this time.
Silence on this issue from the Lib/Dems says it wont.

Janramzon said...

Oh flux! I'm in pieces!
My vision's all yellow.
I'm on telly, Mum, "Hello!",
Disorder, I don't know
When it will all settle again.
Until then.
Go back to your constituencies.
And call Charlie Whelan.

Johnny Norfolk said...

You notice as soon as you start to ask key questions of the Lib/Dems on facts, like who would you support in a hung parliment it is total silence and refusal to enter the debate. Why is this?. If you look at their past and how they have attacked the Tories more than the Labour government you can work out the answer for yourself.If you are thinking of voting Lib/Dem like me I want to know who they support, if its Labour after all they have done forget it. If I do not have an answer then I will not vote for them. For me this is the key question they must answer.