It's polling day

Polling day in the Taverham North and Thorpe Marriott by-election is today !

If you want a truly local candidate who actually lives within the ward, then vote for me today.

The polling station is Hinks Meadow Community Centre, Kingswood Avenue, Thorpe Marriott, Taverham.

Polls open from 7am to 10pm.


James Mackenzie said...

No offence, but that's a pretty Royston Vasey pitch. How about some actual policy?

The Fat Councillor said...

Good luck, Nich.

Mark Senior said...

Good luck Nich

jailhouselawyer said...

Best of luck.

dazmando said...

All the best for the count tonight Nick

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nich - Mum called with the result - really well done.

The hard works paid off.

Will catch up this weekend.


William Summers said...

Amazing result! Well done Nich & all involved.

Anonymous said...

For Those who live in the Ward, Nich has provided leaflets with policy and evidence of Action.
Conservitave John Griffin 471
Green Party Jenifer Parkhouse 54
Liberal Democrats Nich Starling 630

Well Done Nich

Mark Senior said...

Excellent result Nich , a well deserved personal triumph .

Duncan Borrowman said...

Excellent result Nich!
Broadland DC Taverham North LibDem gain from Conservative

LibDem 630 Con 471 Green 54

2007 result Con 497/478 Libdem 344/307 Ind 295/240

Daily Referendum said...

Congratulations Nich, I'm sure you do a good job.

Anonymous said...

Well done nich 14% swing!

Anonymous said...


Fantastic result last night, hard work paid off. Well done to the Broadland Gang.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Councillor Blogger!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Ruselt
people in the Welsh party so pleased for you!
where we work we win!
Phil H

Tom King said...

Congratulations. Brilliant result!