Campaign almost over

Well its now reached that time that almost every political campaigner enjoys, the preparation has been done, there is nothing more that can be done to persuade voters or issues to campaign about, and it's all down to how many people get out to vote tomorrow.

I have to say I have really enjoyed the campaign. I've met a lot of people, got to know neighbours and people who live in my area so much better and feel that whatever the result, I have benefitted from the campaign in so many ways.

More than anything else though, I am convinced that my area is better off because of this election campaign happening. For too long issues that affect us here have been ignored. Our roads in Thorpe Marriott are a mess, grit bins are empty or broken, decisions are made about gritting roads, streetlight and the NDR, and local people are kept in the dark by our Tory councillors who fail to turn up to meetings or who fail to deliver any leaflets telling voters who they are or what they are doing except at election time.

People in Taverham North and Thorpe Marriott have woken up to the things that are happening locally and they will know, whatever the outcome of the election, that the Tories must continue to be pressed on their decision making.

There will be plenty of oportunities to reflect back on the campaign but I feel we could not do any more and win or lose, I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. To any local voters looking in at this blog, thank you for taking the time to visit and please use your vote tomorrow at Hinks Meadow Community Centre, Kingswood Avenue, Thorpe Marriott from 7am to 10pm.


Dave said...

But I thought you were standing as a distrcit council candidate? All the issues you raise at County Council (i.e. YOUR employer!) matters: "grit bins are empty or broken, decisions are made about gritting roads, streetlight and the NDR". You might as well say you'll sort out the Afghan war too whilst you're at it.

Mark Pack said...

Good luck.

D Taylor said...

The NDR is a policy for the District Council too (it was part of their development framework strategy) and Grit bins are also a parish issue. Streetlights are an issue too for District Councillors as the County Council have finally been pushed to consult, but they will only consult with "local representatives".

So wrong on three issues, but do go on Dave ...