Why does Cameron stand by someone accused of using figures "likely to mislead he public"

It is unsurprising that the Tory press and media have tried not to mention Chris Graylings rather disturbing misuse of statistics in order to make a political attack on the government.

This government is poor enough to be criticised on its real record. Quite why Chris Grayling has to go to such lengths to make inconsistent comparisons between data is really poor, highlights his unsuitablility for high office and must make people question why it is that David Cameron is standing by him.

Are front bench spokesmen for the Tories encouraged to lie ?

Anyway, the Independent has a full listing of Grayling's gaffes for people to check out.

Update Although it is a shame that the Independent do not know that the headline "Lies damn (sic) Lies and Tory statistics" should really read "damn(ed)", from the Mark Twain/Benjamin Disraeli quote. I recall the Labour Party using the incorrect quote in a leaflet they put out to slag of the Lib Dems in 1997 saying our bar chart statistics were wrong. Actually they turned out to be only one half of one percent out from the final result.


Red Rag said...

It' getting quite ridiculous for the Tories now. The UKSA has come out against them, a Police Commander has wrote to his local press about "extremely misleading statistics" and even ConHome has had a pop at them over it, but yet they peddle the same lie.

A sign of things to come

IanPJ said...

Do you thnk Cameron is only aiming for a draw, not to actually win...?

Norfolk Blogger said...

There are some Tories who are of the opinion that a narrow win, but in minority, will allow Dave to propose lots of populist things, that will be voted down by the opposition, thus allowing him to go to the polls again 12 months later claiming he is being blocked.

dazmando said...

Hes standing by him simply because this story has blow over in the national media. in short he has got away with it. Infact I think Chris will continue with these stats because people believe them. I blame John Terry for the cover up

English Pensioner said...

No one believes the figures anyway, and everybody knows all politicians misuse or distort figures to their advantage.
So what's new?

Johnny Norfolk said...

Does anyone take any notice of thse figures any more. they are all manipulated. I wish you had been as critical of Labour over the last 13 years instead of turning a blind eye to what they have been at.