Which Norfolk MPs will have to repay the taxpayer their expenses ?

The list of those MPs who have to repay expenses was published yesterday (Thursday), and it brought good news for some MPs, but not for others.

Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb has nothing to repay, having made no false claims, and he is joined by Richard Bacon (Tory MP for South Norfolk), Henry Bellingham (Tory MP for NW Norfolk), and Tony Wright (Labour MP for Great Yarmouth). Charles Clarke (Labour MP for Norwich South) won an appeal so will not now be asked for a repayment of any monies after initially being told to repay £743.

Those MPs investigated who have money to repay include Ian Gibson (who already stood down as MP for Norwich North), Christopher Fraser (Tory MP for SW Norfolk) and would be MP for my part of the world, Keith Simpson (Conservative MP for Mid Norfolk and Tory candidate for Broadland).

One now only wonders what the voters will make of these MPs. No doubt those MPs who ahve done nothing wrong will also have to put up with voter derision despite their innocence. Voters have every right to be angry, but lets aim our anger at the right targets.


Anonymous said...

Oops for the local Tories then ?

None of the above said...

Let's not forget that a lot of things will have been overlooked.

I can almost take the duck houses but it's things like Chris Huhne claiming for milk that really piss me off. Milk?

With half of MPs being required to pay back something, and as I said much having been overlooked to keep things at a reasonable level, it just looks terrible no matter what spin is put on it. I don't have an axe to grind as I won't be voting for any of them but I don't think it looks very tasteful to try and get some political mileage out of this.

Johnny Norfolk said...

All the parties have MPs that have been at it. Trust the liberals to think it is only them that are pure white when they are not.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Trust a raving Tory to make assumptions based on no statistical evidence.

I merely reported the local MPs, I made not political point and made no capital. It is you who have tried to imply that I have. Sometimes you need to step aside from the politics and look at the issues instead.

Anonymous said...

Has Ian Gibson paid anything back? He was one of the few who hadn't yet paid a penny the last time I looked - despite having been ordered to, and apparently being one of those forced to repay the largest amounts. Can't understand why Norfolk people are not more irritated by this.