Why are Tory councils paying fat cat wages to so many people ?

A few months ago it was widely reported that Tory run Suffolk County Council was offering a salary greater than that earned by the Prime Minsiter in order to recruit a new chief executive. Indeed they were offering their new chief executive £70,000 more than her predecessor !

Today, I read that Hertfordshire Council, another Tory Council, has more than double the number of top earners and increased the amount the council spends on top earners salaries from £5.5 million to £13.5 million in just four years !

The truth is, if you want a lower council tax, don't let the Tories run your lcoal council.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you have lighted this important point about the wages of senior council staff.

However on your rather partisan last point, could anybody confirm the councils with the lowest council tax and who runs them, and also the councils with the highest council tax and who runs them?

Anonymous said...

why compare a civil servant with a politicians salary?

Surely it should be principal private sec vs chief exec / council leader to PM?