How can we trust Labour to make laws when the break them so easily ?

The Labour Party has had an enforcement notice served on it after using obtrusive autodialer phone systems to make unsolicited calls to voters using a Coronation Street actress as the computerised voice.

The Labour party used the autodialer again in the 2009 Euro elections after already being told to stop using the system after the 2007 local elections.

In a statement the Labour Party said "it would examine the ruling and always tried to meet guidelines."

It does make you question the intelligence and morals of the Labour Party that there are two possible reasons for their failure to comply with the original legal ruling.

Either ;

1) They do not seem to be able to understand a ruling the expressly forbids them to use the autodialler system.


2) They deliberately and cynically chose to break the law.

If we can't trust Labour to follow laws, how can we trust them to make laws ?

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