Tory bloggers on Zac Goldsmith

The latest revelations that donations from Zac Goldsmith to the Tory Party may have been covered up are in the papers, So what are Tories bloggers saying about it ?

As of 10:16 am

Iain Dale says nothing.

Guido Fawkes, who claims to be independent but leans heavily in his postings towards attacking almost anyone except the Tories, says nothing.

Conservative Home says nothing.

Tory Radio says nothing

And of all the other Tory bloggers, I could not find one mention.

In stark contrast, after revelations about Gordon Brown, this issue was being discussed on Labour Websites and blogs like Labour List.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Cameron has a lot to learn. But if he does not at least the Tories will get rid of him unlike Labour with Brown.

Letters From A Tory said...

Perhaps that's because we had already read this rebuttal by Zac himself, from his own blog?....

"The Sunday Times has run an amazing article on its front page today, titled: “Tories covered up donations from Zac Goldsmith” and then “Conservatives in cash cover-up”. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article6982403.ece

The paper has created a damaging headline, and then uses a lengthy article to explain why the headline is totally unjustified, and why the story is a non-story. The Times already knows very well that there has been no cover up, no attempt at a cover up, and no possible reason for a cover up.

The article says that donations were made to the Conservative Party by a company called Unicorn Administration on behalf of some of its clients. That’s true. It says that the cheques had the names of the people for whom the donations were being written clearly on the top. It even states that “There is no suggestion that any of the donors or Unicorn acted improperly.”

So the paper accepts that there was no attempt made by me or any other donor to ‘hide behind’ a company.

Where then is the story that justifies this screaming front-page headline? The only issue is that the Conservative Party failed to register the donations under the name of Unicorn’s clients. But given that all of the clients in question are known Conservative Party donors, what possible reason would the Party have for wanting to ‘cover-up’ their identity?

At worst, it can only have been a minor administrative error by the Conservative Party compliance department. Perhaps the Times and its friends in the Lib Dem Attack Unit can come up with a motive? I can’t."

Anonymous said...

Least we forget Zac and Ben Goldsmith also gave cash to the Green Party.