Surely Cameron would know or he would know who to ask ?

David Cameron has said in response to questions about whether his photo was airbrushed that "he hopes it wasn't". I don't think that he answered the question though.

He claims he was not responsibly for the photo so does not know about it. However, as leader of the Tory Party, surely he would know this or he would know who to ask ?

The fact is that if it had not been airbrushed, he would have answered immediately "no". As Stephen Glenn points out, the evidence of airbrushing does seem pretty clear. I'm sure I would know if a picture of me was airbrushed by the fact that that the photo would not accurately represent what I see in a mirror each morning. Is "Dave" saying he has no reflection ? Now that would make sense.


Stephen Glenn said...

Ah I see you are suggesting that Dave is the rightful heir of Michael Howard then. It's not the Lib Dem love-bombing we should be scared of but the love bites. Mwah hahaha

Letters From A Tory said...

Surely you know that there are many many many ways that someone can have their image improved - using certain lighting, extra make-up etc....

This is a bit of a non-issue to be honest, as every party leader in the past 20 years has probably used make-up and goodness knows whatever methods to make themselves look more 'appealing'.

Norfolk Blogger said...

So admit it. Simple answer.