Lets use the snow to spell out the message of the sort of Britain the Lib Dems would like to see

The Lib Dems are all about empowering people to take action and make a difference, yet the law of the law really does seem to stand in the way of this. Just look at this article about clearing snow from your path or road. The truth is the law in this country prevents people from taking action themselves, puts artificial barriers in the way of people and communities taking independent effective actions themselves, and makes people even more dependent on and expectant of a nanny state that will do everything for them.

Why doesn't Nick Clegg take the snow as an opportunity to spell out the sort of Britain we want to see. Where people take responsibility for clearing snow from their driveways instead of fearing that they could be sued for doing so. A country where people know their rights, but also know their responsibilities. A Britain where we don't just moan about the lack of gritting, but where people actually bother to walk to the gritting boxes and grit the bit of their road themselves.

We hear on the radio and TV all the time about people helping each other out in the snow. People offering shelter, people taking medicines to the ill. People going out and doing shopping for the elderly and infirm. Yet too many people these days take the "there is no such thing as society" line, sit back and expect someone else, government, or the council to do everything for them and if it isn't done, then they still won't lift a finger to   help.


Quiet_Man said...

Or he could just deny its snowing like the good little AGW clone he is ☺

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Quiet Man - I hope that's sarcasm.
Weather does not equal climate.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh dear.e who take three weeks weather in one region of the world and extrapolate that this therefore applies to the whole world for 365 days.

On the same basis as Quiet Man's logic presumably if he met someone who had beaten the 14,000,000 to one odds of winning the lottery, he would assume that everyone could win the lottery ?

The fact that the jetstream is not operating properly, something we rely on in order to avoid these temperatures usually (get a map Quiet Man and see that we are level with Moscow and Canada) has moved and as a result we are getting more freaky and severe weather, which climate change believers have argued would happen for some time.

Anonymous said...

Also there has been a heatwave in Australia. Global temperatures are what matters, not just data from one place.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Would you MAKE people clear the snow from their bit of pavement. If you are a true liberal it would be a free choice.