Fed up with government ads filling ad breaks

Watching the last ad break in Celebrity Big Brother tonight I am totally fed up with the amount of adverts from the government filling each break.

Firstly I had to watch the ridiculous advert telling me to drive five miles less each week. Given the price of petrol these days the times when I used to go out simply for a drive are long gone, so I find the adverts patronising and silly. Then I had to watch an avert about apprenticeships, again paid for by the government.

It's even worse if you listen to commercial radio with whole ad breaks sometimes being 90% made up of government funded ads.

It seems in this recession the only source of advertising income for ITV, Channel Four and commercial radio is the UK government. I know the banks received a bail our, sadly I know the reasons why. But is commercial radio and TV really in need of such subsidy ?


revinkevin said...

Must be an Election coming soon.

I'm glad I'm not the only one chessed off with these adds.

JohnofEnfield said...

Cheesed of. I'm incandescent! It;s my damned money they're spending.

Just to advertise the power of the state!

Norfolk Blogger said...

And those bloddy "DirectGov" adverts featuring celebrities really do annoy.

Bill Quango MP said...

"Buy your car Licence online or by post"

Doesn't mention the Post Office which the Hattie Harman said at PMQs that the government was determined to protect.?

LBC has one about asbestos running every 1/2 hour. That pathetic one about "If you're not registered you can't have a say" will be out soon.

If you're not registered you won't pay council tax. £1200 a year to vote seems excessive.

Johnny Norfolk said...

I could not agree with you more. This is just the sort of thing that should have been cut to start on the long road of paying back Labours debt. Every long journy starts with a first small step, and this could have been it.

Watchman said...

"And those bloddy "DirectGov" adverts featuring celebrities really do annoy."

Celbrities? Is that who they are - I thought they were incongorous passers by.

Although I did spot Suggs, and I'm still mystified as to what he was doing. None of which has made me want to use directgov any more (having used it before).