I am, apparently, the number one Lib Dem blogger

Many thanks to those people mad enough to vote for me as number one Lib Dem blogger in Iain Dale's end of year poll. I suspect I may have been helped by a couple of notable bloggers either quitting blogging or leaving the party, but thanks all the same.

I go through regular bouts of wanting to give up blogging, indeed I did give up earlier in the year (just as the local media were starting to take an interest, so I told them I had quit and they went away ), but I have kept going through lean times. Hopefully, with the election coming, I will be full of ideas and opinions.

Many thanks again to all the readers. Now I must go and see to my son who is two, still full of flu, and is more deserving of my time than even you dear reader !


Johnny Norfolk said...

I thought you were the ONLY Lib/Dem blogger.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Too kind Johnny, and I do appreciate your more positive tone of late. It got tiresome with your constant personal digs, but like your own blog, you have become more measured. I must sort out a link to it.

I still, of course, disagree with you, but I do with most people anyway.

Andrew Reeves said...

You have a great blog and it is number one on Dale's poll because you are read by tons of Lib Dems and non Lib Dems - keep up the good work.

Paul Pinfield said...

Nich, I don't read you because you are a LibDem, but in spite of your LibDemness... I read you because you are interesting and entertaining.

Anyway, well done for topping a Dale poll, so to speak.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks PAul, if I can single somone out, for your continued commenting on my postings. They are always appreciated.

Andrew, I also enjoy your twitter feed, and I never thought I would say that !

Johnny Norfolk said...

I never meant it to be personal.

I hope we can continue to converse and agree to disagree.