Is almost everything about Cameron spin and falsehood ?

David Cameron, it appears, is worried about the Tories chances of having a working majority at the next election. Why else would he have made such an overt attempt to woo Lib Dem voters in his new Year statement yesterday if he wasn't confident ? The problem is, his statement is so hollow in the context of everything we know about the Tories and his motives.

Whilst he says that differences between the Lib Dems and Tories are much less obvious than they were before, that is only because the Tories have not had the opportunity to support illegal wars started by the Labour government. In truth, yawning gaps exist between the Lib Dems and the Tories on many issues, and Cameron knows this. So why did he make his statement ?

The truth is it is not about removing differences between parties, as Cameron claimed. It was about a cynical attempt to woo voters from the Lib Dems on a false premise that the Tories stand for the same things that the Tories stand for. Dishonest ? Of course, but when it comes to sanctimonious rubbish dressed up as proper political discourse, Cameron is truly the heir to Blair.

I know people in the Tories who have met or know Cameron, and finding one of them in private to say anything positive about him as a person is a real struggle. One ultra loyal Tory I know did a good job once of defending him. When I listed some of the things I had been told about Cameron, the reply I got was "I don't think he means anything by it. It's just his style". Some defence !

For me Lib Dem MP Dany Alexander summed up the difference between the Lib Dems and Tories best of all
"David Cameron seems to be confused about what a fairer Britain means. For the Liberal Democrats it means cutting taxes for the lowest paid, for him it means cutting them for millionaires."
Lib Dems shouldn't be fooled by Cameron. If you want an unfair Tory government whose priorities are to give money to the rich, cut from the poor and legalise fox hunting, then vote Tory. If you want a fairer Britain, the only way you will get that is by voting Lib Dem. The Tories offer only a fake liberalism.


Strathturret said...

Keep linking the Tories to the Iraq disaster. They voted for it remember and they enthusiastically support the Afghanistan mess. And they want the toy box topped up with Trident II.

Credit the SNP and Liberals who saw through Blair's lies.

Johnny Norfolk said...

You are correct, Cameron is still singing from Blairs hymn sheet. but it will ensure his majority and reflects poorly on british voters.
We will need someone like Dan Hannon to sort Britain out.

Johnny Norfolk said...

By the way I think Clegg is to the right of Cameron.

Norfolk Blogger said...

He may well be to the right of Cameron, but he is more of a conviction politician and certainly understand fairness in way that Cameron never will.

Johnny Norfolk said...

but like them all he has never worked in the real world. Do ANY of them understand anything about the lives of the rest of us. They all appear more interested in presentation over content.