Green Christmas Hypocrisy

I noticed a house which sported a "Vote Green" poster in the recent Norwich North by-election has shown its owners up to be true to the values of the Green Party. In true "Do as I say, not as I do" style, the house is festooned with Christmas lights outside it.

Presumably the lights are all powered by someone inside the house on an exercise bike with a dynamo ?


Anonymous said...

Nich, There are similarities between this story and The Queen travelling to Norfolk yesterday. Bless her but it was clearly a royal PR exercise.


Dan said...

Was it one of the "vote Green" houses with a 4x4 in the driveway

Norfolk Blogger said...

No. Not that one. There was a house that hada green poster up in July that had 4 "old" cars, the gas guzzling 15 year old Sierras and old Cavaliers that polute so much. There was one near me who has a Landcruiser though.

Angelin77 said...

A bit like Cameron preaching the need for us to reduce our home energy costs and then you see that many MPs have claimed for utility bills (gas/electric) of well over 1000 pounds a quarter on a property that's supposed to be used by a single person part time as a 'second' home.(especially when mine average 50 pounds)True gas guzzling MPs!