The truth about the Swine Flu Vaccine - Asthmatics are NOT a priority

The government, and that idiot Liam Donaldson perpetually peddle the lie that "People with health conditions such as asthma are considered a priority and will get their swine flu vaccinations as a matter of priority". The fact is, they are not.

The department the Department of Health uses to define an asthmatic is that they are someone with "a chronic respiratory disease that requires repeated or continuous use of inhaled or systemic steroids". the fact is that many tens of thousands of people in this country (possibly more) use non steroid based inhalers. This is being used by GPs as a justification not to give Swine Flu jabs to people who are asthmatic. Even those people who use asthma inhalers and those where the doctors own records indicate that the person is an asthmatic.

The problem is that for many young children, and those who are not able to take a steroid based inhaler, even though they are actually asthmatic, they will not being given the swine flu vaccine.

So what is being done about this ? I shall be emailing both Andrew Lansley and Norman Lamb, the Tory and Lib Dem health spokesmen and I will see who takes this issue up. It seems that thousands of people in an "at risk" group are being ignored because of a loophole which the government knows exists.


Norman Lamb said...

I have just dictated a letter to Andy Burnham having read your blog, Nich. Its an important point.

Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat Shadow Sectretary of State for Health

Paul Pinfield said...

Impressively quick response from Mr Lamb...

Steve as ELFIS said...

Sometimes we just need to laugh to keep from stressing out.

Here's a little comedic relief in "I Want an H1N1 Shot for Christmas". http://www.ElfisLives.com

Doctor_Eva said...
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Anonymous said...

I would strongly recommend that you remove the previous post by Dr Eva, as it leads to a site that sells fake drugs, it is a scam.
see article "Spam Gangs Make Millions by Targeting Swine Flu Fears" on Switched.com
best regards

Norfolk Blogger said...

Done. Thanks for letting me know.

Flying Pigs said...

be aware of side effects that others are seeing.... they say "rare" but the evidence of so many say otherwise.