Liz Truss selection confirmed

Liz Truss has won her selection confirmation in South West Norfolk.

As for the Tories, their attacks on Norfolk people as "Turnip Taliban", and worse, I predict will come back to haunt them in Norfolk in future years.

Whilst the wind is with Cameron, he might get away with it, but in the long term, we Norfolk people will not let the Tories forget that using stereotypical attacks against people from Norfolk like some poor comic will not win us round at the ballot box.


Iain Dale said...

Nich, it was the Mail on Sunday who used that phrase, quoting an anonymous Tory MP from, er, Suffolk!

xfactorcomms said...

As a fellow Norfolk resident (of similar political persuasions to yourself) I'm pleased and relieved by this decision.

It's clearly a defeat for the Old Guard Tories, albeit after Cameron has suffered a welcome bloody nose and probably a few sleepless nights.
Further reflections on my own (brand new) blog:

Paul Pinfield said...

Nich, the problem is that to an outsider like me who visits Norfolk regularly, the term seems to fit. Particularly in the smaller villages off the tourist track.

Anonymous said...

Norfolk Tories will certainly not forget. We have seen at close hand how this win was achieved through intimidation of the local association and a by election style operation by CCHQ over the last two weeks to get 'their' vote out.
And we were shamed by the attacks on our county.
Members are questioning whether we can continue to vote - never mind campaign - for a party whose leadership behaves like this.
The right independent candidate who puts the county first will now win in SW Norfolk. It is needed to send a message to the leadership before it destroys the party.

Anonymous said...

Previous anonymous is quite right. CCHQ ran this operation like a by election with their usual mix of sledgehammer and faux charm. SW Norfolk Tories didn't stand a chance. But there is a problem. It's those pesky voters at large, protected by the Electoral Commission, and exercising their democratic rights. Perhaps they will be on CCHQ's radar next. I actively supported the Conservatives during the dark days when you could not get anyone to stand as an MP. Now every popsy on the planet fancies themselves as a bit of a political whizz kid. I will not be voting for the Conservatives at the next election, they don't deserve it. I'll vote for Truss's independent opposition, or if there is none, the Lib Dem candidate.

So behave yourself Dave Cameron - unless you particularly fancy four years on the back benches in opposition while a LibLab pact governs the country. I quite fancy Vince Cable as Chancellor.

Ellee Seymour said...

Some of my happiest memories were from when I lived in Norfolk. Certainly the view of a minority was music to the ears of the media and not representative in any way of the majority.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Was the result in doubt considering the amount of CCO time spent in canvassing and getting out her vote ? The threats used by CCO will come back to haunt them in the future.

Anonymous said...

Where is the comment that had the data protection information on it? Don't tell me CCO have got you intimidated Nich? Wouldn't surprise me after this past fortnight.