Four days later, not even the courtesy of a reply

Four days ago I emailed Norman Lamb MP and Andrew Lansley MP regarding an issue to do with swine flu vaccination. I e-mailed the exact same e-mail to both MPs, gave no further prompts and wondered who would get on to this issue, with the strong hope that both of them would bring the government to account over the fact that some asthma sufferers are being denied the vaccine because of "technicalities".

Norman Lamb replied within two hours, and I have received a subsequent e-mail from his office out of courtesy explaining that they will get back to me.

As for Andrew Lansley, not one word. Not even the courtesy of an acknowledgement.

Is this how the Tories deal with people ? Is this their "Open and accountable" face ?

Come on Mr Lansley. I gave you all the facts to take this story up with the appropriate minister. I have been impressed with your words so far on the issue of swine flu. It's a shame your office lack the basic manners to deal with people courteously.


Willow said...

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August 2009-Vitamin D3 deficiency and its role in influenza
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Anonymous said...

would you have made a comment if the results had been reversed and it was the Tory that answered?

No- thought not.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Would you have the nerve to post with your real name ? Obviously not.

What Mr Anonymous fails to acknowledge is that Mr Lansley hasn't replied, so his point is not relevent.

Anonymous said...

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