Will I miss Tracey Emin ?

Apparently the artist (and I use that term loosely) Tracy Emin is considering moving abroad because she does not want to pay 50% tax. She states that "the French appreciate art".

Indeed the French do appreciate art, which makes me wonder what ms Emin will do there ? After all, great art will always have an audience. Whereas her career appears to me to be based around a pompous London based market obsessed with spending large sums of money city bonus money on "installations" which are neither thought provoking or artistic.

Great art needs to make people gasp at the ability of the artist. When I look at the work of Ms Emin I am shocked at just how little artistic ability is required to produce it. To give it some relevance, when I go to watch football I want to see someone produce something on the pitch that I could never do on a Sunday morning playing for the local pub team on the village green. In the same way we want to hear musicians who can play guitar, can hit the notes with their voices, and whose lyrics inspire. We don't want someone tunelessly singing twinkle twinkle little star. And that is what Ms Emin's artwork is, to me. Decidedly average and something that I could produce, had I "the name" and the patronage of lots of rich people with friends to impress and no taste.

I'd love to say I'd miss Ms Emin, but I won't. A selfish millionaire with little discernible talent who is not willing to pay tax is hardly a role model for the youth of today.


Richard T said...

So Tracey, this time it's goodbye and not au revoir but when you get caught by the French wealth tax, don't come whining back here.

jailhouselawyer said...

My bed looks like one of her so-called artworks every morning.

I hope she listens to the Moody Blues singing Go Now.

Can we have it in writing that she will not then do a come back tour?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the French wealth tax kicks in at 750,000, charged at 0.55%, she'd be better off under Vince's mansion tax.

Quietzapple said...

It says much for the Irish, who also have advantageous tax rates for "artists" that she is not considering a move there.

Quietzapple said...

Possible her public expression of her view made it inexpedient for Osborne to announce they would abolish the 50p rate.

Perhaps she would take few bob to come back and threaten to resume residence here if the tories win?