I always feel sick when I see David Amess, so perhaps he caught sight of a mirror ?

David Amess, Tory MP for Southend, told Virgin Airlines that Osama Bin Laden packed his bags then had the nerve to complain about the way the airline treated him.

On top of this, he became ill on the plane (blaming it on travel sickness) and threw up in front of immigration officials.

As someone who gets travel sick on occasions (never on a plane or boat though), I have to say I have never lost the use of my legs (I've never been legless, so to speak) when I was ill.

You can read more about it HERE.


Anonymous said...

What a complete plonker!

Should we be surprised? Not a bit of it.

Richard T said...

Look at this positively. A couple more performances like that and Southend West could be ours. He is a Basildon carpetbagger after all and as they say in Essex, you can take the man out of Baso but you can't take Baso out of the man.