Sorry Iain

Just a quick note to say how sorry I am that my old political foe Iain Dale was not selected for Bracknell. You can read more about it HERE.

I ran myself in to the ground four years ago ensuring Norman Lamb beat Iain Dale in North Norfolk, but since then I have built up a great respect for Iain and I was happy to say that if I lived in Bracknell I would support Iain if i were able to vote at a Conservative selection meeting.

I read that Iain is now off to a family party for his father's 80th birthday. He's probably feeling very down, but I think a chance to be amongst loved ones is the ideal tonic for a disappointment.


dazmando said...

Thanks for the link. Its funny you read Iain blogs and see him on tv and you maynot be sure about him but you meet him and find him quite genuine and clever. ;ust because people are on other sides does not mean that we shouldn,t like them. I got the idea of scanning the leaflets of yourself btw took ages however as my computer is rubbish.

Thanks for the link

crewegwyn said...

Sorry, but I find it difficult to join this wave of sympathy for Iain Dale. Don't know the man; he may be lovely BUT let's just ponder what has happened.

A party member gets to be PPC in a winnable seat in Norfolk ... and loses.

He then (I understand) tries to get a nomination in Kent, but fails.

Then a really safe seat comes up in Bracknell (Berkshire ?) so he puts in for that, but misses out at the final stage.

Now if we were talking about somebody who was brought up in xxx, worked there, represented the area at local government level and then missed out on selection I could understand all this talk of his being "gutted" but really ...