The proof that Nick Griffin's pronouncements on Question Time don't fit the facts

For anyone fooled by Nick Griffin, and I was talking to a pensioner yesterday who seemed to have been fooled by the twaddle Nick Griffin spoke on Question Time, Channel 4 have fact checked every statement of "fact" he made on the show and , er, to put it nicely, it appears he was attmepting to pull the wool over voters eyes.

Check out what Mr Griffin said, and the real facts by clicking HERE

Hat Tip to Peter Black for finding this information.


Hywel said...

There was this one a few days before as well concerned TV charges for servicement in Selly Oak

neil craig said...

C4 are stretching - for them to call Griffin saying 108 whites were rerejected from the police a lie because they were actually "white men" isn't even quibbling. He was clearly telling the truth & C4 lying.

Perhaps they should spend some time reporting on whather the LibDem who perjured hinself in court to promote racial murder was being dishonest. However C4's interest in such checking doesn't extend to finding out things abouit their fascist masters.

Brian E. said...

In other words he's not much different from politicians like the Home Secretary "Crime rates are falling" or the Minister of Defence "Troops have the best possible equipment in Afghanistan", or indeed most politicians in the present government.
So why the fuss?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Brian, I don't condome lying, but the differences between misrepresenting the holocaust and misrepresenting the state of the economy are quite different.

Anonymous said...

Nich, None of us believe that Griffin and his Party will ever taste power. When it comes to the Election next year we will simply use him as a token choice to give the three big parties a kick up the arse, solely on the issue of immigration.
I can only feel shame at how the recent Governments have left Britain's back door open to everyone and anyone, especially the Labour Government.
As Chris Hulme reminded us of Labour's predicted influx of 40,000which in fact came to over 700,000.
Just think what things will be like in 10 to 20 years. And all this makes me more anti-Euro. It is Brussels who help to set the rules after all. It's their rules thats sending all these people here.
And still hundreds of thousands are making their way to us... lured by our easy benefits system.

Britain is full up as The Daily Express keeps boldly telling us.

Yes I think a large amount of voters will tick their voting cards for the BNP because the other three big Parties cant and wont do anything about the neverending influx of immigrants.

So yes, sadly the BNP will benefit next year. They will clearly get all the protest votes, despite their evil thoughts on the other issues.